Everyone has a unique story and in the process of exchanging stories, we come across all kinds of them. Some seem boastful, some are inspirational, some are lies and some are brutally honest and relatable.

In a world full of online personas and aspirational living, Homegrown’s main reason to exist is to tell an honest story from the life of a girl next door–of experiments, learnings, set-backs, happinesses, creations and frustrations. Born in Africa, to a middle class Indian family, this girl had a very mediocre, inconsequential and uneventful childhood. But the one thing she believed made her life interesting was her rebellious teenage years, experimental attitude, innate attraction towards tangential ideas, things and people and the ability to dream of dreams with such dedication, that they eventually, somehow, did always find a way into her reality.

This girl is now a grown woman, a wife, a mother, a homemaker and a designer. She has a few unique stories to tell about her experiments with food, family and life that worked. She has other stories about introspection, career and ideas that didn’t. It’s all about the good AND the bad. Just as long as it is, what it is. Honest.