Life in a pandemic struck reality

It has been 75 days since we took the decision to not send our toddler to daycare. Since then, life has been a bit of an emotional and physical rollercoaster. Our household consists of 5 people (me, my husband, my toddler and 2 cat babies) and somehow, we all have learned how to be professional…

The Mommy Laddu

Child birth strips away many essential nutrients and minerals from a mother’s body and may cause many deficiencies and health issues such as back pain, cramps, weakness, weakened eye sight, irregular bowel syndrome (IBS), milk production, lack of concentration etc. Consuming 1 laddu per day with a glass of whole milk not only help replenish…

Goodnight Moon

I was determined to create something that he (my son) would actually relate to and appreciate the most, even at the age of 2.

Who will I meet today?

The following is an attempt at writing a picture book manuscript for little kids growing up in an urban, cosmopolitan and diverse neighborhood.