Life in a pandemic struck reality

It has been 75 days since we took the decision to not send our toddler to daycare. Since then, life has been a bit of an emotional and physical rollercoaster. Our household consists of 5 people (me, my husband, my toddler and 2 cat babies) and somehow, we all have learned how to be professional…

The Mommy Laddu

Child birth strips away many essential nutrients and minerals from a mother’s body and may cause many deficiencies and health issues such as back pain, cramps, weakness, weakened eye sight, irregular bowel syndrome (IBS), milk production, lack of concentration etc. Consuming 1 laddu per day with a glass of whole milk not only help replenish…

Goodnight Moon

I was determined to create something that he (my son) would actually relate to and appreciate the most, even at the age of 2.

Growing to eat III – To the ground!

ALL ABOUT TAKING YOUR KITCHEN GARDEN OUTDOORS. From starting seeds indoors to transplanting them into pots – now it is time to give these beauties a ground. As an amateur gardener, I am so thankful to the wealth of information one can get online these days. When I decided to grow my own food, the…

Mom’s Soul Recipe: Sooji Halwa

Consistency. This is what creates nostalgia. This is what makes people go back to eat the same recipe year after year. This is what makes mom’s cooking so special.

Who will I meet today?

The following is an attempt at writing a picture book manuscript for little kids growing up in an urban, cosmopolitan and diverse neighborhood.