Life in a pandemic struck reality

Finding time to do the things you like

As a working parent of a hyperactive toddler, I sometimes wished there were more than 24 hrs in a day. Despite that, I am constantly adding more things to do in my day. Why? I am a person who thrives on some kind of a daily creative outlet. That’s probably why I have a list of unfinished projects that I try to keep working on. I love to draw, design, cook, grow things and then write about them. But there are things that I wished I had time to do, and then things that I need to prioritize. And somehow, I always find myself getting frustrated and ultimately in-satiated with this constant tug of war.

What is working so far

There is no way I would get any of those projects done if I never get started. So my trick has been to plan and start a few different projects and then move along as I feel. I try to keep about an hour right before bed to do something that motivates me – if I am feeling inspired, I write or draw. If I want to be inspired, I read. It helps me fall asleep feeling a little bit more accomplished. I also spend my free time during weekends to cook for the week and do some gardening.

Tipping points and hindsight

All said and done, there are days when all I want to do is nothing or sleep. I used to feel guilty about wasting my days sleeping or day dreaming. But now I actively acknowledge the fact that with all that’s going on, it’s only natural for me to feel tired. It’s ok to rest. It’s ok to forget and let go. Even if it’s for just a few minutes a day. In the hindsight, it won’t matter what all I was able to accomplish. What would matter, however, is that I was able to steer through tough times, keeping my head above the water and just breathe.

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