Life in a pandemic struck reality

Staying healthy

There are 2 things that can keep you healthy – Exercise (mental & physical) and clean, healthy food. But in these testing times, there is another thing that will help you stay healthy – being a ‘germophobe’. With so many grey areas of where this virus could come from (surfaces, air, food, people), it’s hard not to be paranoid about keeping everything sanitized. And somehow even finding the balance between that and not accidentally poisoning your children with sanitizers and bleach. So, apart from making sure that I am keeping my house (my car, my garden and my food) germ-free by cleaning like a maniac, I also have to somehow figure how to stay inventive in creating delicious, healthy and clean food. Oh that, and making sure we all are getting our daily exercise.

What is working so far

I have to be up at 5.00am everyday to make sure I get some time to myself that I use to exercise and meditate. I also use these 2 hrs in the morning to prep breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is usually low-key, low-prep for weekdays (overnight chia pudding, boiled eggs, fruits, toast, coffee) and I cook some meals in advance on the weekend for lunch. You will always find cooked brown rice in my refrigerator so all I have to do is make some dahl (lentils) in the morning to eat in the afternoon. I prepare dinners in the afternoon after work that also consist of something simple like pasta, so I have a few hours to play and spend time with my son before he goes to sleep at 8.30pm. We usually hit the bed at 9.30pm to be up and running again at 5am again.

Keeping things clean has also become priority. Non perishable groceries stay in the car for 3 days before they are brought inside the house. Perishable groceries (including leafy greens) are washed with warm water and edible soap, dried and then stored in the refrigerator. Also, I deep clean the house every week.

This is all more than we ever did and I know it sounds like a lot, but with a little help and spacing things out through the week, it’s not as bad. We try to involve our son in cleaning chores like dusting and folding the laundry. Of course, it’s not done perfectly but simple tasks like that helps keep the child busy, while feeling accomplished. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how much time and effort it saves you to simply keep the child busy while you get some of the stuff done!

Tipping Point and Hindsight

This is a very delicate balance and a lot of times things topple out of control especially when hubby has a call in the morning (which throws off my work schedule), or child wakes up too early (that throws off my workout time). But the real tipping point is when there are unexpected meltdowns and tantrums that throws off everything. Hindsight? Well, I know at some point my son will grow up to learn that he needs to eat, play and do things on his own. Then, we will have much more free time and we will look back at these times and think – “wow, how did we ever do that!” and THAT would make us feel VERY accomplished. I live for that day.

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