Life in a pandemic struck reality

Living (even enjoying) the current reality

Some of you might think – “Easy for you to say this. You have a job that pays your bills, a house that shelters you, a family that loves you and a steady supply of essentials.” But what if you just lost a job as a result of which you are struggling to make ends meet? What if you live alone and have no one to talk to but your own reflection? What if you live in a place where it’s a struggle to get access to the basics? What if you have lost someone to the virus? How do you then live or enjoy the current reality?

I don’t have an answer to this. And my heart truly goes out to everyone who have been affected in any capacity by this crisis. But I know one thing for sure. Humans have survived thousands of years fighting adversities of varied intensities. From war, to famine, to pandemics and more — some of us continue to live in a harsh reality where life is anything but livable. While the more fortunate of us can and should help in a variety of ways, the important thing is to acknowledge the people and be grateful to those who are working round the clock on the frontlines helping the diseased, delivering supplies and making policies. The least we can do is follow what is advised and do what is right for the greater good.

What is sort of working so far

To wind up, I have compiled a list of things, I think, one should and shouldn’t do that will make it easier for everyone to live through this harsh reality. Me and my family is trying to adhere to this as honestly as possible and if we all do, I am sure we will all come out of this stronger, wiser and as better humans.


  • Help in whatever way you can (donate, volunteer)
  • Stay positive and know that like everything else, this too shall pass
  • Acknowledge that you are not indispensable and no matter where you live and how much you earn, this virus does not discriminate
  • Be grateful to be alive in this unstable, unpredictable world
  • Be grateful to those who are making it possible
  • Stay informed and be socially vigilant to make sure you follow what experts and science recommends
  • Connect with friends and family even if it’s virtual
  • Cook, Sing, Dance and be nice to the Earth and your neighbor


  • Hoard sanitizers, toilet papers, masks and other things that are probably needed more by others than you
  • Spread misinformation and instigate misconduct in the name of freedom
  • Discriminate against people on the basis of their ethnicity


I truly believe that this is nature’s way of ‘cleaning up’. Humans have caused enough harm to the earth and society in the form of pollution, war and unjust systems. This virus has instigated an unprecedented ripple effect at a global level. While there are some unfortunate casualties, the world has never before come together to fight a common enemy.

To wind things up, here’s video by Tom Foolery that has been making the rounds on the internet and gives us all some food for thought. I hope we all get an opportunity to learn from this unprecedented reality and are able to narrate a story of hopefulness, and the great realization to our children and grand children some day.

Until then, hang in there, my friend.

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