The Mommy Laddu

Child birth strips away many essential nutrients and minerals from a mother’s body and may cause many deficiencies and health issues such as back pain, cramps, weakness, weakened eye sight, irregular bowel syndrome (IBS), milk production, lack of concentration etc.

Consuming 1 laddu per day with a glass of whole milk not only help replenish these deficiencies but also help with enhanced milk production and body strength. It also assists in relieving constipation due to high concentration of fiber and helps bring the uterus back into it’s original size and form.

Then and Now
(Left) My mom with me on my 1st birthday, (Right) Me with my son when he was a week old

I consider myself lucky that my mom not only remained by my side through this important time in my life, she brought with her this immense wealth of knowledge and experience to heal naturally. Being a naturopath herself, she not only helped me get through my pre-labour period performing acupressure and reiki, she also used the pre-baby time to prepare certain home remedies and recipes that use ingredients that specifically help replenish the nutrients lost during child birth, milk production as well as returning the body back to it’s rejuvenated self.

Some of the things she recommends are:

Pre-labour –

  • Stay active – She accompanied me on long walks and morning swims all the way through my 41st week!
  • Stay hydrated – Since a majority of my 3rd trimester was during the New York heat, she gave me constant reminders to keep drinking lots of water.
  • Stay positive – Despite our occasional disagreements, she helped me stay positive.
  • Rest – Just having her around helped me take more rest and not worry about everyday chores.

Postpartum –

  • Turmeric bath for the bottom – Like most women who have vaginal child births, I did get 2nd degree tears and they were painful like hell. While the doctors gave a ton of antiseptics, they were not only uncomfortable, they were taking forever to heal. My mom asked me to use a turmeric bath for my bottom, and believe it or not, my tears healed within a week!
  • A mouth freshener (kinda) to help with milk production – Apparently, eating a few handfuls of those everyday helped with milk production. I can’t attest to how effective that was, all I know was I had a lot of milk and my doctor attested that my son had a great immune system and growth rate and that I must be feeding him ‘A1 quality milk’! Ha. I don’t have the recipe for it yet, but all I can say for now is that it was some mix of Fenugreek, Fennel, and other herbs/spices that I will have to get a list of from my mom.
  • Warm turmeric water – Not my favorite part of this whole thing, but she always made sure I had a constant supply of warm turmeric drinking water by my side to help with the healing process.
  • Eating light and taking it slow – Due to the enlarged size of the uterus, all other organs tend to get squeezed and it takes a while before everything gets back to it’s normal capacity. So it only makes sense to take it easy as you start eating solids after child birth. I remember being served pizza and turkey sandwich in the hospital. Of course, my mom had forbidden me from eating all this for at least 40 days after child birth. She recommends eating easy to digest vegetables and lentils like squash, soups and green moong lentil soup.
  • The mommy laddu – This was my favorite part of it all! She made these laddus that are extremely rich and fatty. But apparently, eating these help replenishing the mother’s body with lost nutrients during child birth and milk production. I was instructed to have one laddu per day (not more) for at least 40 days post partum. But I ate them for almost 3 months because they were so damn delicious! Here’s a recipe for that –
My Mommy Laddus

Ingredients (For 40 laddus):

  • 1 kg Whole wheat flour
  • 1 kg Dry Fruits (listed below)
    • 150 gm Sliced Almonds
    • 200 gm Sliced Makhane (Popped Lotus Seeds)
    • 100 gm Watermelon Seeds
    • 100 gm Muskmelon Seeds
    • 100 gm Sliced Pistacchio
    • 50 gm Shredded Coconut (Optional)
    • 100 gm Golden Raisins
    • 250 gm Gond (Tragacanth gum)
    • 10 gm Grounded Cardamom
    • 1 gm Saffron
  • 1 kg Ghee
  • 1 kg Grounded Sugar


  • In a heated pan, dry roast muskmelon and watermelon seeds until they turn light brown. Take off the heat and keep aside.
  • In the same pan, add 2 tbsp Ghee and add 1 tbsp of tragacanth gum (gond) until it pops and turn white. Take it out and keep aside. Now, repeat the same procedure for the rest of the tragacanth gum (gond) batch by batch.
  • Use the same ghee (add more as needed) to roast sliced almonds, pistacchios, coconut and popped lotus seeds one by one. Keep aside.
  • Add the remaining ghee in the pan and roast the flour on low flame until brown.
  • Add all roasted dry fruits to the roasted flour. Mix well. And turn off the heat.
  • Immediately after this, add all of the sugar, cardamon and saffron and mix well.
  • Now using your hands, try holding on to this warm mix and crushing it in your palm to form balls. If the mix is hard to bind into balls, feel free to add more ghee.
  • You should be able to make about 40-50 laddus (balls) of about 3 inch diameter each.
  • Once all laddus are made, please make sure to let them cool down completely before storing them in a dry, air tight container. These can stay at room temperature for up to 3 months.

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