Goodnight Moon

A tribute to the most loved bed time story of our (and our children’s) time

I can’t believe my little infant is already 2. Today is his birthday. And so he will be showered with lots of gifts and lots of love by everyone. But as mom, my goal is to gift him a memory that is his, and his alone. Every year, I work hard to create one such memory for him.

On his first birthday, I gifted him a scrap book that I lovingly (and quite painstakingly) put together, highlighting those tiny moments that made his first year of life so wonderful for all of us. That is a gift he probably would appreciate many years later. But this time around, I was determined to create something that he would actually relate to and appreciate the most, even at the age of 2.

I learned very early on into motherhood that babies develop a natural affinity towards language and reading if they are introduced to it from birth. I started reading to him when he was just a few weeks old. His 13 year older twin cousins gifted him the favorite bedtime classic ‘Goodnight Moon’ when he was only 6 days old. And from that day on, reading that book at bedtime became the mommy-baby ritual that went on until his 2nd birthday. 

He heard me recite the story every single night – big, curious eyes looking through me until they started to drop just a little. To watch him go to sleep that way was extremely therapeutic for me too. And soon, we both were associating this story to bedtime drifting us both into the world of Margaret Brown. I knew I was doing something right when he uttered his first few words. ‘Moon’, I recall, was one of them. 

Please have a listen ❤️

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