Who will I meet today?

The following is an attempt at writing a picture book manuscript for little kids growing up in an urban, cosmopolitan and diverse neighborhood. This story intends on reflecting the everyday encounters a child has with different kind of people in his community and city. S/he demonstrates qualities of empathy, gratefulness, compassion and acceptance.

I would love to hear from illustrators if they’d like to collaborate on making this manuscript come to life. Comment here and I will reach back out!

Out of my bed
Out of my home
Out on my street
I go out to play
Who will I meet today? 

Mom greets a lady next door
who wasn't there before -
We say hello to her son, Raj,
May be he will be my friend some day
Who else will I meet today? 

We hop on the bus
Mom says hi to Winston
He gave me a high five
He drives us safe to the market
Who else will I meet today? 

At the market, we buy some food
Mom pays to this lady called J-U-D-E
She winked and smiled at me
She was nice but I got shy
Who else will I meet today? 

We stopped at the park
the one with an arc
We saw a man who looked like grandpa
He looked sad, So mom gave him a fruit and money -
Maybe he will not be so sad anymore
Who else will I meet today?

Mama stops a taxi and we get in and look out
I see lots of people shouting out loud
they don't look the same - big, white, brown, black and tall,
All with boards saying 'Hope, Not Walls'

That night, I lay in bed
Wondering how many people had I met
a new neighbor,
and some good old friends
the smiling market lady
an old man at the park's end

And many people, big and small
white, brown, black and tall
they all live in my city, my home,
and they all are my family.

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